British Army Infantry Kit 1914

Soldiers of the British Army went to war with much standard-issue uniform and kit in 1914, however, this often varied depending on the unit within which he served. That of men in the mounted services differed from those of the dismounted services for example, while soldiers of kilted regiments were issued with some items that replaced those issued to the majority of other regiments in the Army.

The following list of clothing and kit was issued to infantry soldiers of the British Army at the outbreak of the First World War. It is reproduced from the official ‘Regulations for the Clothing of the Army, Part I Regular Forces, 1914’ which was published by the War Office two months before the start of the war, and is just one example of the many different items of standard-issue kit soldiers went to war with in 1914.

Boots, ankle, pairs22
Cap, forage11
Cap, service dress11
Drawers, woollen, pairs22
Flash (R. Welsh Fus. only)11
Frock, canvas11
Frock, coat, bandmaster11
Frock, khaki drill3
Frock, serge1
Helmet, Wolseley pattern, with chin strap, cover, badge and bag1
Jacket, service dress21
Puttees, pairs22
Sash, warrant officers, staff-serjeant, and serjeants11
Shoes, canvas, pairs11
Trousers, canvas, pairs11
Trousers, khaki drill, pairs3
Trousers, service dress, pairs21
Trousers, tweed, pairs1
Waistcoat, cardigan11
Public ClothingHomeAbroad
Coat, great, dismounted, men11
Badges, collar, pair11
Badge, cap11
Bag, kit, universal11
Blacking, tin11
Braces, pair11
Boot (or shoe) laces, pair11
Brush, blacking11
Brush, brass11
Brush, clothes11
Brush, hair11
Brush, lace11
Brush, polishing11
Brush, shaving11
Brush, tooth11
Button, brass11
Cap, comforter11
Comb, hair11
Disc, identity, with cord11
Gloves, worsted, pair11
Knife, clasp, with lanyard11
Knife, table11
Mineral, jelly, tin11
Shirts, flannel33
Socks, worsted, pairs33
Titles, metal, for shoulder-straps, with grenades for Fusiliers and bugles for Light Infantry regiments, sets33
Towels, hand22